Neat and Clean bathrooms with Modern bath fittings and design play a wonderful role in rendering a pleasant and sumptuous bathing feel on relaxed weekends and hectic mornings. Various types of bathroom accessories or Bath fittingsneed to blend very well with the color and the design of the bathroom for the purpose of creating main spots in bathrooms. Bathroom Fittings and Bath fittings are largely used in resorts, hotels and homes as they offer a revitalizing bathing experience. They are generally aesthetic in their design and are produced and then manufactured by an array of companies. However, before being supplied, they are thoroughly checked for optimum performance and flawlessness. For more information go through this link-




Overhead showers, Hand Showers 

Overhead showers andhand showers made by Regalbath are very modern and robust .An overhead shower is one of the most common types of Bath fittings units. It can be mounted either on a wall or the ceiling.


A hand shower is mounted on a wall and it can be removed for flexible movement. Aside from being used for actual showers, it can also be used to clean the shower area.

 There are two factors you need to fix when you thinking the best design for your shower. First, the functionality of the shower types.If you want your shower to be adjustable to movement the different members of your family, a hand showers is best for you. They are highly adjustable so you can count on flexibility that will be suitable for all members of your family. Another benefit of this type of shower is it can be easily cleaned by lowering the shower head to a more comfortable height.If flexibility is not an issue for you, a ceiling-mounted shower is a best option. Once installed, it stays on your ceiling and you will get a good old fashioned overhead shower.The actual look of the shower type is the second thing you need to consider when picking a shower type. You can pick a design that will complement your bathroom's overall look and feel. If your bathroom has a warm and intimate design, look for a shower type that looks easy to handle, or even fun to use. If your bathroom has a modern theme, look for a shower type with an graceful and silky design.In the end its up to you which type of showers suitable for your bathroom.Interested in buying a overhead showers or hand showers Visit us at-


 Bath fittings and bathroom fittings

If you are feel boring with your existing bathroom design chose regalbath bath fittings, bathroom fitting and implement in your bathroom.Increase the design of your bath room with some modern bath fittings design that is helpful to design a modern bathroom.Build up your bathroom by selecting each element of bath fittings to suit your requirements.If every bath fittings element is planned logically and carefully, your bathroom can be functional and beautiful in equal measure.

Many people looking for items which is ultimate in modern and relaxation.Here at Regalbath our modern rang of bath fitting and bathroom fitting make this possible.Bath fittings and bathroom accessories provide by Regalbath are best choice as bathroom product.