About Us

Established in the year 1987, Regal Bath Fittings thrives to provide the best faucets and accessories to cater to the wide taste of the consumers. A wide selection of designs enables the consumer to go in for proper choice in conformity to the surrounding décor which have been crafted over a span of three decades.

At Regal bath Fittings, quality is our top priority because quality is the driving force for growth of an organization and leads to better customer satisfaction. Our products reach the customers only after passing through a number of stringent quality control tests. All our products’ components, ease of operation and perfect looks have to withstand numerous endurance tests.

A lot of time and thought was given to the design of each product that we have produced so far. The gorgeous and mirror polished design of our products easily caters to the surrounding décor of our customer. We have a network of over 1000 dealers in India and Abroad, and we are still growing as we speak.